The experience depicted in this website originates within the Architectural Design Laboratory currently in progress at the Faculty of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Bari in the academic year 2018-2019.



Course held by prof. arch. giuseppe fallacara and tutored by:

  • Arch. Maurizio Barberio
  • Arch. Micaela Colella
  • Arch. Ubaldo Occhinegro
  • Arch. Nicola Sacco
  • Arch. Marco Stigliano

working groups

Current Mapping Group 

The group was in charge of mapping the existing state of Cantieri Tosi’s area by using photographic and cartographic documents, needed to understand the structure and the position of the existing buildings in the area.

  • Claudia Deflorio
  • Michela S. Della Corte
  • Federica De Martino
  • Davide Laricchia
  • Luis Ernesto Martinez ( Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • Ana Urgel ( Universidad de Zaragoza)


The group was in charge of the landscape and territorial analysis of Taranto’s area, in particular of Mar Piccolo and the former Cantieri Tosi’s area, needed to understand the best approach for the intervention while also following the rules and tutelages in force in the area. Furthermore, their analysis deepened into the topics of local animal species and their safekeeping.

    • Roberta Lamorgese
    • Gabriele Liddo
    • Antonella Magistro
    • Raùl Navarro Gil (Universidad de Granada)
    • Angela Pepe
    • Francesca Strippoli


This group’s work focused on the study of the site’s infrastructure, with particular attention to the former Cantieri Tosi’s area, as well as the area near Nasisi Station.

  • Amoruso Michele
  • Brandonisio Giuseppe Luca
  • Morleo Samuel
  • Parchitelli Francesco
  • Piazzolla Ruggiero
  • Stellatelli Domenico
  • Mirha Vlahovljak (Univerzitet u Sarajevu)
  • Hana Zečević (Univerzitet u Sarajevu)


This group was in charge of the historical reconstruction of Tosi’s shipyards, of the research of historical, photographic and cartographic material, as well as any other document needed to understand the function and the structure of the different buildings existing in the area.

  • Altomare Capuano
  • Anna Capuano
  • Paula Castro Tabero (Universidad de arquitectura de Granada)
  • Jasmin De Palma
  • Federica di Martino
  • Ismael Marin Soler (Universidad de arquitectura de Granada)
  • Annagrazia Minervini


This group was in charge of realizing the general masterplan, putting together the works of all the other groups, thus providing detailed zooms of the individual areas.  

  • Renato Golemi
  • Saverio Ferrulli
  • Alessandro Angione
  • Floriana Gentile
  • Gianluigi Greco
  • Laura González Cuccaro (Universidad de Granada)

  • Ángela López Sánchez (Universidad de Castilla La Mancha)


This group was in charge of the three-dimensional digital model, needed for the realization of volumetric studies, rendered views, 3d printing and other digital work.

  • Kristalba Asanbejlli (Fakulteti i Arkitektures dhe Urbanistikes,Universiteti Politeknik i Tiranes)
  • Tommaso Cutecchia
  • Pablo González-Besada (Universidad politécnica de Madrid)
  • Giuseppe Lastella
  • Valeria Longo
  • Antonella Lorusso
  • Guillermo Morido (Universidad politécnica de Madrid)


This group was in charge of the first architectural model, needed to understand better the existing area, and also for the realization of a final architectural model, useful to showcase the whole project.

  • Rosalba Curiello
  • Martina Fanelli
  • Rosangela Forese
  • Ivana Fuscello
  • Isabella Paradiso
  • Pablo Hernández Vilchez (Universidad de arquitectura de Granada)
  • Gema Villaplana Sáez (Universitat Politècnica de València)


This group was in charge of the design and realization of this website, and of all the digital material needed for the communication and disclosure of all the work that has been carried out in the course of this design laboratory.

    • Giovanni Amoruso
    • Davide Borgia
    • Walter Brucoli
    • Alessandra Cerundolo
    • Davide d’Ambrosio
    • Alessandro De Scisciolo
    • Jona Fani (Fakulteti i Arkitektures dhe Urbanistikes,Universiteti Politeknik i Tiranes)

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