What is the relationship between public administration and university?

I believe a simbiotic relationship must be established between Public Administration and another important Public Authority devoted to research and science, like the University. A simbiotic commitment is already under way because Taranto hosts Bari’s University headquarters. I believe the relationship among these two parts must come closer, mostly in regard of architecture and city planning, topics I am most keen on. Taranto Municipality needs beautiful architectures and a well thought out city plan based on scientific bases. Therefore i think the best approach to accomplish these goals is the cooperation with the university.

What is your personal vision regarding the former Cantieri Tosi area?

Cantieri Tosi is an extraordinary portion of land inside Mar Piccolo’s first creek, whose values needs to be increased. Taranto’s Municipal Administration ideas are the answer to the demand framework of lacking resources in the city of Taranto. My personal vision contemplates the naturalistic preservation, but above all the acknowlodgement of the archeological and industrial heritages, which are existing proof of the long industrial history in Taranto’s marine, as we have witnessed tonight. It would be desirable that Cantieri Tosi returns to be a significant spot in Taranto, directly correlated to district Paolo VI and to the infrastructure network that links the port to the airport as well as to the new city centre which is located on the peninsula. Therefore I look at Cantieri Tosi as an extraordinary strategic point in the city of Taranto devoted to nature, connected to the ecological coastline corridor that is being planned by the municipal administration in Mar Piccolo’s first creek, thanks to the naturalistic recovery of areas such as Galeso , Parco della Rimembranza and Punta Pizzone. But above all as a way of developing tourism, because let’s not forget, the primary goal of this municipality is to approach a different type of economy for the city of Taranto, which is not just based on industry, but also on sustainability, thus developing all the latent natural resources of the city. Furthermore I would like for the planning of Cantieri Tosi to consider these issues in order to become a great cultural pole about tutelage and development of the sea for Mar Piccolo and even, why not, Mar Grande. An important infrastructure connected to the sea that might in some way develop the whole city of Taranto.

What piece of advice would you give a student that is about to begin planning the former Cantieri Tosi area?

As a former architecture professor I feel the need to assert that the first approach must be absolutely scientific, therefore based on research and analysis about the actual condition and inherent subjects that might be involved within this wider topic, which includes urban redevelopment as well as the reassessment of neglected industrial areas, but also the environmental rehabilitation of the whole ecosystem. Therefore using a multiscalar approach that starts from a wide territorial scale and goes into detail applying an architectural planning scale. This project must consider the ongoing strategical plans, and should not turn out to be just an academic exercise. The challenge is to accomplish something that might be potentially achieved in reality and that would be useful to the community in order to ensure future visions of something that is at the moment futureless. I dare you to try and be visionaries, however I urge you to keep focusing on the real issues and on the ongoing development plans of the city.